Well, here I am. All clean-shaven and ready to make all the boys who ogle me feel comfortable and satisfied

My Facebook feed this morning is just a steady stream of “I’m going to Spain this summer!!” “Heading to Italy!!” “Moving into my first apartment!” “Got accepted to Yale!!” “Moving out in a month!!” “Got seventeen awards from my student organizations!!” “Just registered for my junior year of college!!”

And I’m just sitting here being really upset that I haven’t had a single chance to sit down and play video games this semester


wip [here]

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I have a girlfriend who will coordinate her tie color with my dress color. This is all I’ve ever wanted in life

First of all how dare YOU

There was a bunch of small flowers growing wild in the grass near where we parked for the cherry blossoms. Cheri had fun frolicking in them. c: