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Please consider emailing Time magazine at to get them to reconsider not putting Laverne Cox on their list. She overwhelmingly got voted in at 91.5%, but was not put on there. Meanwhile, Carrie Underwood had 25% of the vote and was put on there.
The erasure of trans*women, and women of color needs to stop. Ms. Cox does nothing but good work.

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And now the woman in the bathroom stall next to me just went “Oh my God!! I love your shoes”

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「進撃の巨人 ミカサ・アッカーマン」宮沢模型展示会2014春・展示サンプル 【画像】

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lenienna asked: Your AA MBTI analysis was such an interesting read! If I may ask, which types do you believe would be Asbel's and Richard's? I have my own idea of what they should be, but I'm nowhere near as knowledgeable of MBTI as you, so I'd love to hear what you think!


:D Why thank you so much!! I’m glad you asked, I love ranting about this kind of thing. I’m pretty clear on their types, but it’s been a while since I played Graces so my analysis might not have as many concrete examples oopsie. 

I think Asbel is probably an ISFJ. The dominant function for ISFJs is Introverted Sensing, which I find is best understood as a kind of memory catalogue. Si people absorb lots of factual details and remember them very clearly, and as a result they base their experiences on proven patterns, and find themselves to be loyal to established institutions and traditions. Aside from “friend” and “protect” the most common thing to hear out of Asbel’s mouth is “this is just like seven years ago.” He is deeply, deeply affected by the events with Sophie in his childhood and he uses that as a measuring stick for his worth as a person. He’s always asking “have I grown past that, am I a better person now, am I a worthy knight,” etc. Also, he has a really romantic view of the knights, and he desperately wants to be a part of them from an early age. SJs are attracted to clearly defined roles and long-established institutions; XSFJs in particular are attracted to roles that allow them to serve others. In real life, a lot of them end up being nurses, teachers, clergy members - anything where service and loyalty come first. They also tend to work like dogs for these causes, which Asbel certainly does - I remember him saying that he barely had fun in the knights because he was working so hard.

Beyond Asbel’s SJ tendencies, he’s pretty obviously a feeler. He’s like the party dad a lot of the time, always worried about how people are doing, trying to put himself in Richard’s shoes, or Malik’s during that brief betrayal thing at Wallbridge. So that’s definitely XSFJ. There are a few reasons why I pick ISFJ over ESFJ, despite his rather extraverted kid phase. Mostly it’s because he tends to bottle up his own feelings, and then show those feelings only in dire situations - or when other people are upset. At the beginning of the adult arc, he hides his Sophie-powers from Malik and broods about them - but as soon as he sees Cheria has the same powers, he reveals he’s got them too. When Hubert kicks him out of Lhant, he wants to be left alone and asks Sophie to go back. ESFJs - like Cheria - are very upfront about their feelings, whereas ISFJs sometimes need a push or two to reveal their own. But if it’s somebody else who’s sad, if Sophie gets upset, or Cheria, or Richard, Asbel feels it like it’s his own pain, and immediately jumps in to comfort them. It gets to the point, with ISFJs, where they’re completely willing to sacrifice themselves for the benefit of others - and although there is more to the end of the game than that, it is still Asbel’s first impulse to give his own life for Richard’s and Sophie’s.

Oh, and also, you know how I said ENTPs were often called “the lawyer type?” well they’ve all got little nicknames to go with them…and for the ISFJs one of them is “the Protector” and I’m not gonna argue with that XD

I’m a bit fuzzy on Asbel - it’s less that he’s an obvious ISFJ and more that I can’t see him as anything else - but I’m about 200% positive Richard is an INFJ. Unlike other types which I usually have to dissect piece-by-piece, INFJs I can usually spot a mile away because they have a very special aura about them. INFJs are extremely rare - they’re like less than 1% of the population - so they tend to feel very, very isolated, and often believe that nobody will ever understand the way they think. On a bad day, they can become exceptionally cynical, lonely, and see betrayal and evil in every dark corner. The fact that Richard says to Asbel “you’re the only person I’ve ever truly trusted” is very, very indicative of a suspicious and somewhat broken INFJ, and sadly that’s what Richard is in the first part of the game - his villainous motivation is almost entirely explained by the fact that his poisonous courtly upbringing is especially destructive to someone of his personality type.

As for the specifics, INXJs are dominated by Ni - they make incredible intuitive leaps that they cannot explain, see the world in abstract terms, and often find themselves drawn to higher causes. INTJs (Jade Curtiss is the perfect example of one) find intellectual missions and often break new ground in their specialty areas. INFJs tend to become…well, “martyrs” is probably a strong word, but they pick moral causes where INTJs pick academic ones, and they act as champion for those causes for their entire lives. Like, for example, Gandhi is a real-life INFJ. Richard has that tendency - his aspiration has always been, in the bluntest of terms, world peace. He dreams about creating it when he becomes king, and his bond of trust with Asbel comes partly from the fact that he’s shared this dream with him, since it’s the driving force of Richard’s life.

On the other hand, INFJs also understand people very, very well - they are feelers, after all, and that’s actually the biggest commonality between Asbel and Richard. They’re both major major feelers. They care deeply about each other and everybody else. INFJs in particular often come to know their loved ones so well and bond with them so deeply that they trigger almost psychic experiences - like they’ll know, instinctively, when their friends are hurt or afraid, without any evidence. When Sophie comes back the first time, Cheria and Hubert say “HM well it looks like Sophie, but we’ll have to prove it.”  Cheria’s an ESFJ and Hubert is an ISTJ - as sensors, they both need concrete evidence, especially Hubert as a sensor-thinker. Richard, however, looks at Sophie once and says “I think it’s her. They have the same feeling about them.” It’s not something he can describe, he just intuitively knows it’s true. And it is. You could blame that on Lambda, but I actually think Lambda’s also an INFJ, so it almost doesn’t make a difference, heh. Best thing about these INFJ-feelers, though, is that when they do develop healthily, they’re amazing friends to have, and they often have magnificent senses of humour. That’s Richard in the future arc - still harbouring that deep trust and love for his friends, but with a much bigger smile on his face.

Anyway, I hope that was what you were looking for :) and hey if you’re curious about literally anyone else send me another one! I could do this all day woop woop.

EDIT: OH YEAH OF COURSE and I’m also curious to hear a) your type, if you know it and b) what you thought Asbel and Richard were before I ranted at you, ehehhe. 

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